A Robust Software Suite Of Trajectory Optimization Tools

What is QuickShot?

QuickShot is a suite of commercially available trajectory optimization software products for flight path analysis of launch systems, reentry vehicles, ballistic and hypersonic missiles, high-speed aircraft, and general-purpose 3DOF trajectory simulations. Written from the ground up in Java® for ease of use, all of SpaceWorks Software’s QuickShot Suite tools are cross platform.

QuickShot Core utilizes a proprietary new domain-spanning optimizer and takes advantage of today’s multi-threaded computing architectures. QuickShot Core eliminates the need for an initial guess at a feasible solution, common with competing tools like POST, OTIS, and TAOS. The result is that you’ll spend more time solving your trajectory problems and less time with input file setup and debugging. Just set it up and let QuickShot do the work.

QuickShot Suite tools are designed to work together in an end-to-end engineering workflow. Tools can be purchased a la carte or as a complete set. Multiple licensing options are available.

Commercial Licenses Available

Please contact us to

The complete QuickShot Suite consists of:

Build with:
QuickShot Preflight

Graphical front-end interface to QuickShot

  • GUI format for creation of input decks
  • Error checking during setup
  • Indexed access to QS manual and help
  • Can export and import input decks

Analyze with:
QuickShot Core

Computational terminal-based QuickShot application

  • Robust, derivative-free global optimizer
  • Multi-threaded computing architecture
  • Finds global optimum in multi-modal spaces
  • Initial guesses not required

Visualize with:

Create 3D graphics from QuickShot results

  •  Create 3D KMZ files from QuickShot results
  • Open in Google Earth™ and other tools
  • Add vehicle CAD files and animate flight paths
  • Create custom popup data boxes

Visualize with:
Plotfile Viewer

Create 2D plots from QuickShot plot file results

  • Quickly plot time history of key output variables
  • Plot lat/long ground tracks on a 2D Earth map
  • Compare multiple trajectory files on one graph
  • Also opens POST, OTIS, and CSV output files

What’s New in the QuickShot Suite?

Our newest product, QuickShot Preflight, is now available to purchase. QuickShot Preflight allows users to develop and edit QuickShot input files using a Graphical User Interface (GUI) – helping reduce setup time, eliminate setup errors, and provide ready access to indexed help files. QuickShot Preflight follows a logical and easy to follow procedure for creating new QuickShot input decks.

In addition, QuickShot Core has been updated to version 4.3. QuickShot Core 4.3 is fully compatible with Preflight. Recent updates include support for winds modeling, gravity harmonic terms, additional options for problem initialization, and new cruise types. Additionally, QuickShot Core now offers user-defined variables, real-time optimization status updates, runtime improvements, and several other enhancements.

QuickShot Resources

Analysis and Parametric Assessment of Hypersonic Research Vehicle Design Reference Missions using QuickShot

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Presenter: Kevin Feld
SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc.


ITAR stands for International Traffic in Arms Regulation. It is a U.S. law intended to reduce the proliferation of weapons and weapons technology. Our QuickShot software is subject to ITAR and as a result cannot be distributed to foreign nationals without an export license.
For more information, please visit the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls website.

License Information

QuickShot software is sold under an annual renewable license. Licenses of the software entitle the customer to one (1) year of QuickShot use, along with access to any updates or bug fixes released during that license period. Both node-locked licenses and site licenses are available. Please contact SpaceWorks directly for further information. For sales information, contact software@sei.aero.

System Requirements

Operating System Requirements:

windows-icon Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, or XP

mac-logo Mac OS X

linux Linux (multiple builds)

java Java Runtime Environment version 1.8+