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What's New in Version 4.2?

Our latest version of QuickShot is now available. Version 4.2 adds support for winds modeling, gravity harmonic terms, additional options for problem initialization, and new cruise types. Additionally, QuickShot now offers improved flexibility with user-defined variables, real-time optimization status updates, runtime improvements, and several other enhancements.

Why QuickShot?

We developed QuickShot to reduce the burden of conducting trajectory simulations. Many other tools exist for trajectory optimization, but no full-featured tools have been developed specifically for conceptual-level (3-DOF) trajectory analysis. QuickShot greatly reduces the amount of time required to set up and run problems and minimizes the learning curve required to bring new trajectory analysts up to speed. In addition, QuickShot’s proprietary optimization algorithm is designed to locate the global optimum solution, even in complex and multi-modal design spaces. Furthermore, QuickShot removes the need for users to make initial guesses, making it the ideal trajectory tool for conducting parametric trade studies and vehicle-level closure and optimization models. We have spent 5+ years developing and tuning QuickShot so that the computer does the difficult trajectory work, not the user!

What's Included?

QuickShot licenses include the access to the following:

  • QuickShot application
  • License to FlightSight™ trajectory visualization tool (generates KMZ files for Google Earth visualization)
  • License to the PlotFileViewer trajectory visualization tool for rapid visualization of trajectory results and run comparisons (even across multiple trajectory programs)
  • QuickShot User Guide, a detailed 80+ page reference manual
  • Additional utilities (syntax highlighter, sample batch-runner scripts, etc.)

Unique Features

QuickShot offers several features to enhance your trajectory analysis capability:

  • Written in Java® for cross-platform compatibility
  • Multi-threaded to support everything from desktop machines to multi-core clusters
  • Matches or outperforms other industry standard tools (POST, OTIS, TAOS, etc.)
  • Over 10 types of output files allow users to quickly get the information they need
  • QuickShot trajectory runs do not “fail”, a solution is always produced along with feedback to the user
  • Doesn’t require any user “initial guesses” to setup a new problem
  • Greatly reduces user time required to conduct trajectory analyses

QuickShot Resources

Analysis and Parametric Assessment of Hypersonic Research Vehicle Design Reference Missions using QuickShot

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 | 2:00 pm Eastern

Presenter: Kevin Feld
SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc.



ITAR stands for International Traffic in Arms Regulation. It is a U.S. law intended to reduce the proliferation of weapons and weapons technology. Our QuickShot software is subject to ITAR and as a result cannot be distributed to foreign nationals without an export license.
For more information, please visit the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls website.

License Information

QuickShot software is sold under an annual renewable license. Licenses of the software entitle the customer to one (1) year of QuickShot use, along with access to any updates or bug fixes released during that license period. Both node-locked licenses and site licenses are available. Please contact SpaceWorks directly for further information. For sales information, contact

System Requirements

Operating System Requirements:

windows-icon Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, or XP

mac-logo Mac OS X

linux Linux (multiple builds)

java Java Runtime Environment version 1.8+

Additional Notes:
  • Runs via command line or double-click icon
  • Supports problem drag-and-drop interface
  • Flat text-file based program enables integration with other models (Phoenix ModelCenter, OpenMDAO, etc.)